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Some of his offspring already have the breeding license themselves

Viasalis Ares

jr World Champion 2017 and European Champion 2018

breeding approval


Contact kennel: info[at]

Viasalis Alvaro

Annual Trophy Winner 2018, Spring Winner 2018, Rhineland-Palatinate Winner 2018

breeding approval


Contact kennel: gemma[at]

Viasalis Alexi


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Contact kennel: renateminka[at]

Viasalis Aitana


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Contact kennel: Tel: 02208 – 9144712

Dostan vom Elztäler Mooshof


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Duffy from Elztäler Mooshof


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Current photos and winning photos

Ares was successful at shows in Hamburg, Kerpen, Dorsten and … and won the titles World Champion 2017 and European Champion 2018. We can be proud and look forward to his first offspring.

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Current photos and winning photos

At exhibitions in Hamburg, Kerpen, Dorsten and … Alvaro was successful and won the titles World Champion 2017 and European Champion 2018. We can be proud and look forward to his first offspring.

We love the tips

It was important to us that our two boys grow up with family dogs and feel the deep connection and loyalty of the animals.

Sure, you can say that about almost every breed or every dog, but the Großspitz nevertheless combines many wonderful characteristics of different breeds. At least that’s how we experience it every day 😀!!


Spitz are extremely alert while being exceptionally self-sufficient, but not as extreme as a livestock guardian. They are very confident at “work” – guarding the home – but when doing so they are not hysterical, but rather deliberate in their actions. They are also extremely fond of children – not only with our children, but with all our small and younger guests – and are not uncomfortably pushy. They are incredibly willing to learn and easily motivated, but then enjoy periods of rest. Finally, it was my father who introduced us to this breed. I used to be active in dog sports with my two 45 kilo dogs and then wanted to “downsize” after my beloved Dana passed away and Fajal was also 15 years old. The trigger for choosing this breed was a burglary at friends in the immediate vicinity. I wanted to have a second dog anyway, but kept hesitating because of Fajal’s age. Then I decided to do it. It was supposed to be a guard dog, but not as big and heavy as my other two dogs. He should just be easy to handle and watchful.


We looked around on the internet and read books. I also asked my father which dog he would like because he was also involved with the dog walks…. And to be honest, his eyes lit up when he talked about “Mekki”, a Spitz (now I assume it was a Mittelspitz) who lived with them on their parents’ farm. “He took care of us, Lydia, you wouldn’t believe that,” my father said. He still knew many nice anecdotes about this Spitz, and it quickly became clear that it could only be one!!! Even my fajal had a top part. So we went on a search and by chance came across the Tumbrinck family’s website .


That’s how our great love for this breed – unfortunately still misunderstood and wrongly decried – began.

Of the

top dog

It all started with him…

Dark of Haus Wildenrath called “Ayko”

Ayko is extremely alert, extremely willing to learn and absolutely loyal to his family.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s raining, snowing or the sun is burning down from the sky: he prefers to lie outside on his covered platform and observe everything. Nothing escapes him. And when he barks, you know it must be strangers. Because he doesn’t make a peep with neighbors and friends.

Ayko loves children very much and is not disturbed by her occasional roar.

When walking in the forest, there is occasional contact with wild animals. But due to his very good obedience and his fondness for treats, he immediately turns away when called.


Ayko gets along with all bitches, with males the sympathy decides.

He behaves in an exemplary manner at the dog training ground, and the behavior tests at the exhibitions do not cause him any problems either. He is absolutely solid and relaxed.

born on 10.11.2012
in the kennel Haus Wildenrath
VDH/Dsp. 83754
HD-A2 (free)
DNA deposited at Geno Canin

More titles

– elite group

– German Champion VDH

– German Champion Club

– Autumn winner 2015

– Alpensieger Nürnberg 2016

– Spring Winner 2016

– European Winner 2016

– Rhineland Winner 2016

– Rhineland-Palatinate winner 2016

– Winner Leipzig 2016

– German Winner 2016

– VDH – Winner of the Year 2016

– National Winner 2015, 2016, 2017

seed bank

Semen transfers can take place at the canine sperm bank practice at Dorney .

Seed freezing offers the possibility of making a male available for breeding for many years and even after his death.



Our little”

Son of Dark by House Wildenrath

and Gemma from Alpenspitz

elite breeding

Viasalis Ares

Ares coming to us had been planned for a long time.

I really wanted an offspring of my Ayko, and since it logically couldn’t be a bitch (at least for me), we were all the happier when there were males in the first litter.

Ares is clearly more demanding when it comes to employment than his father. Understandable, since he doesn’t have a “real job” at home. His father owns it. Ares is incredibly easy to motivate, understands much faster and is flexible when it comes to work. So we are together in both obedience training and agility and regularly attend trick dog seminars. It is always a pleasure, especially for me, when his willingness to learn and direct implementation is praised. With other dogs, even with potent males, he is relaxed. But only when he’s alone and his father isn’t around.
Just like his father, Ares is incredibly fond of children, and in the schoolyard we are besieged in no time. He likes to be touched, hugged and cuddled by the children. Unfortunately, he is much more ambitious than his father when it comes to hunting. So that I have to pull out the tow line on stretches that are unfamiliar to me. But we are working on it !!!!!!!! Every day!! And it will!! I’ve been able to stop him twice!

He’s a sweetheart and I’m thankful every day that we have him!!❤

born on 10/26/2016
at the Viasalis kennel
VDH/VD Sp. DS87517
DNA deposited at Geno Canin

More titles

– European Winner 2018

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Of the

first throw

Gemma from Alpenspitz

and Dark of House Wildenrath

elite breeding

Of the

second throw

Belissa from Elztäler Mooshof

and Dark of House Wildenrath

The couple Belissa and Ayko

Belissa vom Elztäler Mooshof lives in the beautiful Black Forest

I had heard of Alex before and love looking at the amazing photos she always posts on her website. Alexandra Weber-Flamm is a dedicated breeder of black Großspitz, who has made it her mission to preserve this wonderful breed. Therefore she took a white stud dog for two litters and kept Belissa from the B-litter.

She came to visit us with her from the beautiful Black Forest.

Ayko and Belissa got along wonderfully straight away, and Ares was also interested, but (fortunately for him 😉) was not taken seriously. The puppies came on April 26th, 2017, they became “seven in one fell swoop”. To my personal delight, three of these beautiful little ones were born pure black!!! So far I’ve had the wonderful luck of meeting two of “my” Black Forest puppies in person, and I’m thrilled!! I’m one of those “annoying” stud dog owners who also want to know where the puppies go, how they’re doing, etc. Luckily Alex always lets me in and doesn’t get annoyed when I ask her so often 😉❤!

Thank you Alex ❤!

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