Of the

first throw

Gemma from Alpenspitz

and Dark of House Wildenrath

elite breeding

The couple, Gemma and Ayko

We met Susi and Gemma vom Alpenspitz for the first time in Dortmund at the VDH exhibition in 2015.

If you can speak of love at first sight with people, then you can certainly do the same with dogs. Although Gemma was not in heat ; ) , the two got along so well straight away, as if we had all known each other forever. It was extraordinary!!! At that time I had already tried in vain to find a black female Spitz that was far enough from Ayko in terms of family relationship to RESPONSIBLELY help this breed. My dream of a black/white mating didn’t really get going either, because which breeder of tall whites would take a black stud dog?
Well, and then came Dortmund 😀❤. And Susi and Gemma, who made my dream of healthy and responsible breeding come true!!!!
On October 26th, 2016, four healthy, beautiful Großspitz puppies were born – and I was allowed to keep Ares ❤❤. I will be eternally grateful to Susanne for being brave with me ❤❤!!!

Of the

second throw

Belissa from Elztäler Mooshof

and Dark of House Wildenrath

The couple Belissa and Ayko

Belissa vom Elztäler Mooshof lives in the beautiful Black Forest

I had heard of Alex before and love looking at the amazing photos she always posts on her website. Alexandra Weber-Flamm is a dedicated breeder of black Großspitz, who has made it her mission to preserve this wonderful breed. Therefore she took a white stud dog for two litters and kept Belissa from the B-litter.

She came to visit us with her from the beautiful Black Forest.

Ayko and Belissa got along wonderfully straight away, and Ares was also interested, but (fortunately for him 😉) was not taken seriously. The puppies came on April 26th, 2017, they became “seven in one fell swoop”. To my personal delight, three of these beautiful little ones were born pure black!!! So far I’ve had the wonderful luck of meeting two of “my” Black Forest puppies in person, and I’m thrilled!! I’m one of those “annoying” stud dog owners who also want to know where the puppies go, how they’re doing, etc. Luckily Alex always shares it with me and doesn’t get annoyed when I ask her so often 😉❤!

Thank you Alex ❤!

Of the

third throw

Quina Re Jan Moravia

and Dark of House Wildenrath

The couple, Quina and Ayko

In Jan Nemec’s kennel Šibaček, four black females and two black males emerged from this champion connection on November 23, 2021. I am particularly happy about the majority of bitches!!

Puppy Dark from Haus Wildenrath

All puppies have found their families.