Of the


and third


Tiffany by Cuberin

and Viasalis Ares

The couple Tiffany and Ares

Kennel from the bell tower in Bexbach www.grossspitze-vom-glockenturm.de

wedding walk

On 08.09.2023 7 black great tips have seen the light of day.

The puppies and their mom are doing well. It will be exciting again to watch the little ones grow and witness them learn to walk and scuffle with their siblings.

Earlier litter

Six black greats saw the light of day on December 14th, 2020.

There are two girls and four boys! Everyone is happy and well!! We are all very proud. All puppies have now found their families.

The puppies in their new families

Of the

first throw

Elsa at Schwerin Castle

and Viasalis Ares

The couple, Molly and Ares

Elsa at Schwerin Castle lives in beautiful Bad Tölz, Bavaria.

Up until the time of the mating request, I had never heard of this kennel. “Unfortunately logical”, because if you become too stuck and “operationally blind”, you can hardly think outside the box, or only with prejudices.
I am very grateful to Sirit for letting me think outside the box.
After many telephone conversations, in which I was impressed by her knowledge of genetics in the very sensitive breeding of the (particularly) endangered black Großspitz, and we were also immediately sympathetic, nothing stood in the way of a trip to Bad Tölz.
If there’s one thing I know for sure since then, it’s that Ares is his father’s son 😉🥰! Although this was his first time at stud, he was incredibly charming, loving and never pushy towards the bitch. Molly clearly enjoyed it, and so she was able to determine the time of the mating in peace.
It was all right, both for the people and – and I’m assuming that now – for the dogs.


And on August 03, 2020 seven puppies were born.

Unfortunately it was not yet time for two little black children to come into this world. A black bitch was born dead and a black male had to be euthanized due to a palatal ridge.
I am all the more grateful to Sirit that she found the right families for the other beautiful and colorful puppies.
As with Ayko’s puppies, I’m allowed to be more than just the stud dog owner. There are constant updates and photos of the “little ones” 🥰. And so I’m always “up to date”, which makes me very happy! Thanks to you all!!!

Contact to the kennel: www.hundkatzemensch.de

The puppies in their new families

Askan from the bell tower

Ares from the bell tower